List of Ganga pushkaram places – 2023

Rishikesh River Ganga is not only sacred but is the backbone for the water requirement technicalities in India. It holds both utility and religious importance by the residents of India. Every place situated at the banks of the river has its own importance and prominence. For example, Rishikesh’s Ganga is now known for rafting purposes.

Why is river Ganga considered as sacred?

Ganga River is the most sacred river in Hindu religion. Ganga has been a symbol of divinity, spirituality, purity and moksha. Swami Vivekananda said, “Paris is the fountain-head of European civilization, as Gomukh is of the Ganga. Ganga finds mention in numerous ancient texts; she is a mother, a goddess, a life-giving river and a

what are the tourist spots of ganga river?

Banaras, Patna, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Bhagalpur In utrakhand state gomukh, gangotri, haridwar, kadarnath, badrinath, rishikesh in uttar pradesh varanashi prayagraj and in Bihar state capital of Bihar Patna nd Bhagalpur nd other in west bengal state kalkata ect .. many The famous temple Kedarnath & Badrinath are in the bank of ganga & its tributories. The

Significance of Ganga Pushkaram – 2023

The Ganga is getting ready for the big festival once every twelve years. On those twelve days, Gangotri, Gangasagar, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Varanasi, and Allahabad kshetras are adorned with flowers. Why Pushkara? What is their importance? … It’s all a big story. A Brahmin called Pushkara used to do penance for Lord Shiva. Bhaktavasankara appeared

Daywise Pushkara Dhana (Charity) during 12 Days – Ganga Pushkar 2023

All 12 Days in Pushkarams are named for different sacrifices, Charities, and Danas. Day Date Dhana Item 1 22-Apr-2023 Gold, Silver, Land, Rice 2 23-Apr-2023 Cow & Lamb, Salt, Stone ( రత్నం, ratna ) 3 24-Apr-2023 Vegetables, Fruits, Jaggery 4 25-Apr-2023 Oil, Honey, Ghee, Milk 5 26-Apr-2023 Cart, Oxes, Bull, plough 6 27-Apr-2023 Camphor (

Items for Puja ( Puja Samagri ) – Ganga Pushkar 2023

Items for Puja – ENGLISH Item Name Quantity Betel Leaves 25 Pcs Banana Fruits 1 Dozen Flower Garland 1 Pc Flowers Loose 1 Bunch Kumkum 1 Cup/Pack Turmeric 1 Cup/Pack Sandal Wood Paste/Powder 1 Cup/Pack One rupee coins 11 Coconuts 6 Coconut (untorned) 1 Camphor 1 Med Pack Incense Sticks 1 Big Pack Betel nuts

Bathing Ghats for Ganga Pushkar - 2023

Bathing Ghats for Ganga Pushkar – 2023

To know more about Each Ghat Click on the Name. List of Pushkaram Bathing Ghats in officially announced by Govt. of Uttarakhand. List of Pushkaram Bathing Ghats in officially announced by Govt. of Uttarpradesh. List of Pushkaram Bathing Ghats in officially announced by Govt. of Bihar. List of Pushkaram Bathing Ghats in officially announced by