Daywise Pushkara Dhana (Charity) during 12 Days – Ganga Pushkar 2023

All 12 Days in Pushkarams are named for different sacrifices, Charities, and Danas.

DayDateDhana Item
122-Apr-2023Gold, Silver, Land, Rice
223-Apr-2023Cow & Lamb, Salt, Stone ( రత్నం, ratna )
324-Apr-2023Vegetables, Fruits, Jaggery
425-Apr-2023Oil, Honey, Ghee, Milk
526-Apr-2023Cart, Oxes, Bull, plough
627-Apr-2023Camphor ( karpooram ), Kastoori ( Curcuma aromatica) Gandham ( Sandal), Ayurvedic Medicines
728-Apr-2023House, litter; palanquin, Bed ( Sayya ), Peetham
829-Apr-2023Rap ( Grandh), Ginger, Flower Garland
930-Apr-2023Kanya daan ( Either Marriage or Nischitardh ), Blanket, Pinda Pradhan to Pitru devata
101-May-2023Silver, Pearl, Metal Chain, Flowers
112-May-2023Cloth, Granth ( Books)
123-May-2023Shodasa Maha Dhaan with Shaligram * . Shaligram is very important for Dhana.


In the First 11 Days, money can be given instead of Charity. But on the last day, Shaligram is a must. Without Shaligram Dhana will not be fulfilled.

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