Which river gets Pushkaralu in 2023?

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what are the tourist spot of ganga river?

Banaras, Patna, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Bhagalpur

In utrakhand state gomukh, gangotri, haridwar, kadarnath, badrinath, rishikesh

in uttar pradesh varanashi prayagraj and

in Bihar state capital of Bihar Patna nd Bhagalpur nd other

in west bengal state kalkata ect .. many

The famous temple Kedarnath & Badrinath are in the bank of ganga & its tributories.

The tributories &also in ganga at haridwar is famous for so many water sports including river rafting, again campaign in river bank are very exciting. It flows throgh bank of so many cities like kanpur, patna, kolkata having historic importance.

Why is river Ganga considered as sacred?

Ganga River is the most sacred river in Hindu religion. Ganga has been a symbol of divinity, spirituality, purity and moksha. Swami Vivekananda said, “Paris is the fountain-head of European civilization, as Gomukh is of the Ganga. Ganga finds mention in numerous ancient texts; she is a mother, a goddess, a life-giving river and a repository of people’s beliefs.

In Northern India, it is a major river on whose banks
The National River of India Ganga flows through India and Bangladesh
The river flows through the Himalayas, Gangetic plains and empties into the Bay of Bengal
In Indian traditions and culture, river Ganga is personified as Goddess Ganga
It is a revered belief that to remit sins, one has to take a dip in river Ganga. It further channelizes the salvation, so is believed in Indian culture

Many sacred places are located alongside the stretches of Ganga river:
Kali Ghat

How many days Pushkaralu are celebrated?

What is Pushkara snana?

How many rivers are in India?

Why is Ganga Pushkaralu celebrated?

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