Do’s and Dont’s in the Ganga Pushkar Ghats

DO’s Keep the ghat premises clean and tidy Contact the regstered Purohits only Drink fresh and clean water only * Utilise the services of lifesavers in emerjency * Leave the ghat as soon as possible after holy dip * Take holy dip in notified ghats only Follow the queue system Contact information centres in need

Pushkara Darshini | Know about Pushkaram – A complete Book

What is Pushkara ? Pushkaram or Pushkaralu (in Telugu), Pushkara or Pushkar is an Indian festival dedicated to worshipping of rivers.Pushkara or Pushkar is a Sanskrit word derived from the element of Push (Pushti) meaning nourishment and Kara means one who does it. Pushkara is the energy that nourishes. With reference to the sacred rivers,