What is Ganga pushkaram festival?

Ganga Pushkaram is a festival that takes place once every 12 years in honor of the goddess Ganga, the Hindu deity associated with the Ganges river. The festival typically lasts for a period of 12 days, during which devotees perform rituals and take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. The festival is believed to bring good fortune and spiritual blessings to those participating.

During the Ganga Pushkaram festival, all Indian cities where Ganga river flows becomes hubs of activity. The festival is a major tourist attraction attended by millions of people from all over India and the world. The festival includes various cultural events and activities, such as music and dance performances, religious ceremonies, and fairs.

The exact dates of the Ganga Pushkaram festival vary depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. The next Ganga Pushkaram festival is expected to take place in April 2023.

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